Spring Specials

Spring is in the air, and around here it is a time of re-ordering, clearing out the extra stock, and re-organizing the office! Here are some great deals we have - but only while supplies last! *Prices are subject to change or return to full price without notice*. Passages Midwifery Pools - Pre-sale for June [...]

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Choosing a Birth Pool

(Modified from an old blog post I did a couple of years ago, and updated in August 2015) Whether planning to give birth at home in the water or just want to labour in the water a bit, birth pools can offer birthing women some incredible pain relief. There are several choices on the market. [...]

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Preparing Your Home For Childbirth (in water or otherwise)

(Excuse my sideways photos. I'm having some Wordpress trouble today). One of the most common phone calls I receive for the business is parents wondering how to prepare for a home birth or a water birth. They take a look at the website, but are still confused about what to purchase, or don't know what [...]

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Capturing Arden’s Birth

  We welcomed our newest little one, Arden Nathaniel, into the world in the wee hours of April 3. It was a quick, challenging, and fierce home water birth supported by 2 midwives, our doula, a third year midwifery student, and photographer¬†Cherish Bryck.   I had debated back and forth whether or not to have [...]

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When Faith and Science Mingle and Conceive

This was originally posted to the Ancient Midwifery Blog on March 16, 2010. Jill is a Creighton Model Practitioner Intern, and offers consultations both from her office and also over Skype (so you don't need to live in the Vancouver area). For more info on her services, please see the "fertility care" section of the [...]

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