We welcomed our newest little one, Arden Nathaniel, into the world in the wee hours of April 3. It was a quick, challenging, and fierce home water birth supported by 2 midwives, our doula, a third year midwifery student, and photographer Cherish Bryck.


I had debated back and forth whether or not to have a birth photographer present, as I wasn’t entirely sure I even wanted the midwives in the room when I gave birth. I wanted the event to be very family centred and undisturbed, and I just wanted Paul and Annika and I to do it ourselves. However, I ultimately felt that I would not remember the birth with a lot of clarity, and I wanted to have something to remind me of such a special moment. After meeting Cherish, seeing her portfolio, and discussing birth with her, I felt very comfortable and confident that she could take great photos (even at night) without feeling “in the way”.  She exceeded our expectations.


When push came to shove, I ended up inviting everyone into the room anyway. Due to Arden’s head position, the birth was much more challenging than I expected for a second birth. I wanted all the support I could get, and it was wonderful to have so many women respectfully holding the space while I worked so hard. Annika felt very comfortable, and maintained a rare balance of calm and excited anticipation throughout. I was grateful for my support team for helping her to stay focussed and comfortable, and so thankful that we have beautiful photos of her and the unique support she gave to me. Not only did Cherish capture lovely pictures of the whole event, but I also didn’t even notice that she was in the room for a lot of it.


After Arden’s birth, Annika cut the cord, and we celebrated with some cake and dessert wine. It was an amazing morning, and I’m so thankful that I have quality photos to remind me of my own strength and power, as well as how transformative it was for my whole family.


Have you considered hiring a birth photographer?


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